Ethical report of bp

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Is BP an ethical company?

The results could provide a benefit for a great number of people over time. Public criticism and outrage following the incident not only focused on the oil spill, but on the lack of remorse and sincerity from the top management in crisis response, particularly the lack of sympathy to the victims of the disaster.

Kantian theory suggests that humans are rational, moral thinkers, with the propensity to act subjectively towards ethical dilemmas. In fact, corporate social responsibilities allowed a company to conduct the business in an ethical way while pursuing long term goals that are good for society, for instance, providing scholarships for high school students, donating welfare or charity, eco-friendly projects and etc.

It also has received the biggest-ever fine for willful work safety violations in U. Order Reprint of this Story May 09, BP support policies stress the efficiency of the production and use of energy, because the amount of energy used can have an effect on carbon dioxide emissions.

The BP oil company has refused independent scientists access to the oil spill in order to accurately measure the rate at which the oil spill is still leaking.

BP has long record of legal, ethical violations | Bradenton Herald

The benefits, described are all indirect. So exploitation of, and accidents regarding, small numbers of employees, the environment, and local communities can all be seen as blips, even calculated casualties, in the pursuit of a better world. The oil spill also devastated the environmental and wildlife everywhere as it hit and it is questioned how long the consequences will last.

Although, BP intended to clean-up the seabed they remains silent about the serious health problems upon workers and volunteers who were being employed for those intention since Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska.

Thus, if the expenses would have been less, the cost of the products also would have decreased. As Kaler b ref Crane and Matten has proposed good business decisions consider a variety of perspectives and theoretical views and combine to attempt the best decision.

Referring to respect under Kantian Rights, people should treating others as an end and not as mean — this is what BP applies in this case, where it is trying to improve the Iraq economy and people rather than enjoying the benefits of resources.

These factors are demonstrated by the management in decisions, policies and actions. The workers werefacing grave health risks such as infected respiratory, liver malfunction, kidney failure, and some blood disorders are posed by highly contamination of chemical substance in deep sea Betinis.

Next, BP accepted the fine suffered damages of losing the revenue because of the stopping the operation line and large amount of oil wasting, together with the large expenses for the cleaning 8 up.

Next, BP accepted the fine suffered damages of losing the revenue because of the stopping the operation line and large amount of oil wasting, together with the large expenses for the cleaning 8 up. These could relate to the benefits of this action.

Or can it be seen that these actions are simply the mask of an organisation whose only responsibility is to its shareholders and top management. Its own spill plan, filed the year before with the federal government, says of public relations: The simulator for drilling operations is composed of a set of nonlinear coupled partial differential equations that describe the simultaneous flow of hydrocarbons in a well.

Moreover, besides losing investors, the company also started to lose customers. Ghillyer, ABusiness Ethics, 2nd ed, Schaumburg: Likewise, after the blow-out in the Deepwater Horizon, the profit figures showed disappointing results, falling to 35 percent, as the result of increased expenditures and obligations for individual compensation and penalties, thus losing revenue.

Once brand image spoiled then the existing customer will go for substitute products which produce by competitors. It remains on probation for two of them. BP scandals, like the environmental pollution and the unsafely performance conditions discovered during the Prudhoe Bay and Deepwater Horizon oil spills.

In summarizing, it could be said that the report will shed more perspectives on these serious issues and could help the reader to have a better understanding on the problem as well as options for action to solve the issue. This raises another ethical question of how much information should the government and a public company disclose to the public.

In contrast, exploitation of employees by BP greatly reduces cost of production and obtaining huge profit. Safety regulations and technology will impressed more people to work with the firm. Case Study: BP Oil Spill Background. This lesson has addressed the key components of ethical principles in crisis communication, including the ethical principles of responsibility, accountability, and humanistic care.

In this ethics report, we will study one of the world’s leading international oil company – BP, who operates in nearly 80 countries.

Is BP an ethical company?

We will particularly discuss ethical issues raised by BP in oil industry in the United States (US) between and BP is one of the world's leading integrated oil and gas companies.

We provide customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, lubricants to keep engines moving, and the petrochemicals products used to make everyday items as diverse as paints, clothes and packaging.

Lastly, the absence of the professional behavior by Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP at that time, could be observed, prejudicing the ethical behavior of BP’s social responsibility.

People could see how he was enjoying a yachting holiday during the crisis, which created a negative image on the whole administration of the company (BBC, ).

Within the normative ethical theories, the traditional theories of Consequentialist ‘Utilitarianism’ and the Non-Consequetialist ‘Ethics of Duties’ are exemplary theories to demonstrate the contrasting nature of business ethics and to identify whether BP acts as a an ethical MNC or a ethically vacant imposter.

Ethical Report on the BP Oil Spill

The BP Oil Spill was an environmental disaster. The BP Oil Spill, or Deepwater Horizon oil spill, affected residents, colleagues and communities surrounding the Gulf of Mexico.

It was brought about by a gas leak and an explosion in the oil rig, after which hydrocarbons leaked into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days before it was sealed.

Ethical report of bp
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Case Study: BP Oil Spill